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    Let's keep the topic about reinventing organizations open with the events that we offer in the next months.

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    Reinventing Teamwork (workshop)


    March 15, 2017


    3 topics, 3 lecturers, and 1 day dedicated to team development, efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction


    With Zornitsa, Bilyana and Vitaliy from Camplight



    More details coming soon...



    Open Space Dialog: After the Conference in October 2016

    April, 2017


    4 hours to discuss:

    • What happened after the event for me?
    • What wishes and ideas do we have?
    • What do we need to continue the "teal" dialog? 


    More details coming soon...



    Leaders of Transformation (Retreat)

    May 11-13, 2017



    The retreat will be in Bulgaria.


    Day 1: Tune into Self

    Day 2: Tune into Possibilities

    Day 3: Tune into Choice





    More details coming soon...



    Sociocracy Taster


    June, 2017


    3-day event with James Priest from S3


    More details coming soon...


    Reinventing Organizations 2017

    October, 2017





    More details coming soon...


    Holacracy Taster


    October, 2017


    1-day event with Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller from encode.org


    More details coming soon...


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    Communication Artist & Organizational Architect

    I create environments for people and organizations to find their own source of inspiration. I do coaching and consulting on Creativity, Change and Organizational transformation which I unite under the idea of having meaningful conversations with my clients.




    EMBA, Certified Scrum ProductOwner, Coach, Agile Manager, Entrepreneur

    10 years experience in Scrum implementation, training and consulting; experienced individual and team coach; workshop and soft skills training designer.




    Certified Management Consultant, Neo-Management


    I aim to help organizations to achieve more humane, balanced and productive work environments for their members. My personal mission is helping to lead companies and people to their full potential.



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