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    Let's keep the topic about reinventing organizations open with the events that we offer in the next months.

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    Team evolution (workshop)


    March 15, 2017; 09:30 - 16:30


    3 topics, 3 presenters, and 1 day dedicated to team development, efficient meetings, collaborative decision-making and team coordination.


    Workshop will be in Bulgarian, at Betahaus, Sofia


    With Zornitsa Nikolova from Leanify, Bilyana Georgieva from InSpiral and Vitaliy Filipov from Camplight


    Download brochure here.



    Open Space Dialog: After the Conference in October 2016

    April, 2017


    4 hours to discuss:

    • What happened after the event for me?
    • What wishes and ideas do we have?
    • What do we need to continue the "teal" dialog? 


    More details coming soon...



    Sociocracy Taster:

    Facilitating Conscious Collaboration

    for Happier, more Effective Organizations

    June 5 - 7 (Mon-Wed), 2017


    3-day event with James Priest from S3


    More details coming soon...


    Reinventing Organizations 2017

    October, 2017





    More details coming soon...


    Holacracy Taster


    October, 2017


    1-day event with Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller from encode.org


    More details coming soon...


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    Communication Artist & Organizational Architect

    I create environments for people and organizations to find their own source of inspiration. I do coaching and consulting on Creativity, Change and Organizational transformation which I unite under the idea of having meaningful conversations with my clients.




    EMBA, Certified Scrum ProductOwner, Coach, Agile Manager, Entrepreneur

    10 years experience in Scrum implementation, training and consulting; experienced individual and team coach; workshop and soft skills training designer.




    Certified Management Consultant, Neo-Management


    I aim to help organizations to achieve more humane, balanced and productive work environments for their members. My personal mission is helping to lead companies and people to their full potential.



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